Most guys have a more interesting way to work out their midlife crisis.  But for me, this is the most fun there is.  

I make the lineups for both teams every game and manage the most interesting team, usually the underdog.  I base the lineups mostly on their accumulated APBA stats, rather than "real life", though they usually work out the same.  I try to stick to the original starting pitchers.  I always manage the O's and usually the Braves and Senators.  I like to manage the Chisox and Dodgers too, because they run so much.  Usually, I use Hack Gilbert II to manage the opponent.

I picked 1964 because it was the first year I was aware of baseball.  I still have the '65 SN Baseball Guide, which I wore out as a little kid.  It has helped in my replay a lot.  It also has a cool pic of  the American Legion champs featuring a clean shaven teen named Roland Fingers!  This was also the first year I collected cards, so this was like bringing them back to life.  Which is a poor choice of words, considering that these guys have reached the age where we're starting to lose a lot of them.  I loved them all.

Of course, '64 had two great pennant races.  The NL was essentially two lousy teams and five pretty evenly matched good ones.  Would've been six  if Koufax had been healthy all year.  The Pirates were pretty good too, the Cubs just a notch below.  They all looked better because the Mets were so bad (though Christopher and Hunt were stars).

I always thought the Yankees were mean to fire Berra after winning a pennant his first year.  But now, I can see how frustrated they must've been.  The O's especially had no business being in a race with them.

The Cards are about to pick up Lou Brock and I don't see how anyone will catch them after that.

In 1964, DC (RFK) Stadium was the 4th easiest HR park in the majors.  In 2005, with the same dimensions, it is the most difficult in the NL!  Players are complaining that they want the fences moved in.  Hey Congress, you want to hold hearings on what affects the integrity of baseball records?  How's about those taxpayer funded Wiffle Ball stadiums that have trashed the NL especially?  (The only new launching pad in the AL was pushed thru by some owner in Texas.)

the image is Swampoodle Grounds, near where Union Station in DC now stands.  The catcher is Connie Mack.